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This is my first attempt at a publication of my experiences, so me! 'm tall, thin and blond. I have used a model in my younger days, so I consider myself attractive. I married very young and after 5 years, things got really boring. I worked in an office, and if one started sexporntube flirting with one of our affiliates cap with me, I took it with a pinch of salt and did not bother to return the favor. I had to accompany this chapter ( we call it ' M') bathing in a course for our employees. We met at the hotel Sunday night, when the course was scheduled to begin Monday. We had drinks, we had dinner, chatted, flirted and went back to our own rooms for the next day to prepare. The next day I was sitting in his workout... I could not let my eyes wander to M in sexporntube step when I was in front of the training room was. He was tall, dark, very handsome and charismatic, and had what looked like a nice big cock. Ino idea what the training was about, but I guess he realized that he was looking at the package Around noon, it became very. I could not sexporntube believe that M was flirting with me. So when he invited me to lunch, I jumped at the chance. We flirted a little more for lunch and then had to say 'goodbye' as he had returned to complete the training in the afternoon. I gave her a kiss on the cheek - none of us had sexporntube hoped, but the power was unbelievable. I could not stop thinking about him for the rest of the day. when I was out of the training is not a text on my phone of M. However, to make a long story short, there was a large amount of text and, finally, we agreed flirting, you should meet somewhere in order.... well, fuck ! A week later, I boarded a train and sexporntube he met me at the train station reading. I made sure I had a fabulous dress from Karen Millen, heels, stockings and looking hot. M congratulated me on my clothes and got into theThe car. My underwear was completely immersed Agent Provocateur in anticipation. Unfortunately we came to a traffic jam through reading. The talk began in general and what roaming our hands. M hands dropped to my knees under my skirt and felt my wet underwear. I complained because they felt so good. M expertly rubbed my clit through sexporntube my underwear and thought I would run very fast when used ! He took her hand. I put my hand on his crotch. That could easily feel the hardness of his cock through his pants - what a Brummer ! Mainitaining eye contact with others, I slowly unzipped his fly and pulled his big cock. Cum was before already, so I bent down to lick to the tip. That was great. M moaned and lifted his hips pushed his cock past my lips and my mouth. Remember that I gave him a blowjob in the middle of a traffic jam through downtown Reading... very exciting! M was clearly beginning to enjoy my sucking because he had not realized that our car was moving forward. He had left foot rest and we were shooting in the car ahead of us! He quickly realized, and hit his foot on the break and honked the car! Great... what a way to call attention to the fact that I dive in your lap! So sexporntube I sat in my chair and masturbated sexporntube expert was until I was about to come, and covering the top of his cock with my mouth. M came in my mouth... mmmmm I swallowed his load and wiped his mouth. M smiled while I was dying to have it in me. Fortunately, traffic was moving now, and we were not far from the hotel. We arrived at the hotel and I reeled as fast sexporntube as I could into the room, I had the feeling that stretch tight pussy with his huge cock. have We in the room, threw the bags down. I opened up my skirt to reveal my Agent Provocateur underwear and put his jacket and shirt, but followed on the heels. M pulled back on the bed, put my pantione hand and one that was imposed on me hard. We have very hard until it screwed... shouts very strong, because I had not experienced anything like it. Wow - I felt incredible. We had a bath together and spent the rest of the night slowly and gently explore each other bodies, fucking, sucking. Needless to say, it is not the last time I met M. the meeting was made almost sexporntube 3 years. you count some of the experiences soon...
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